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I highly recommend working with Savvy Cat if you are looking to relocate to Portugal. I could have never have done it without them!

Marc Desplaines


We truly don't know what we'd do without them and will be forever grateful to this team!

Julie and Brian


Not only were they able to help us buy our dream vacation property in a short period of time, they helped make the transition and legal processes easier as a foreigner in Portugal. Great service, quick turnaround and turnkey packages. Highly recommended.


And about our team

Relocation advisor - Silver Coast region

Diana Santos

Relocation advisor - Great Lisbon Area

Graciosa Morgado


Relocation advisor - Algarve region

João Branquinho


Relocation advisor - Great Porto Area

Teresa Athayde


Relocation advisor - North Region

Marco Oliveira


I am so grateful that I chose Savvy's services; it might be one of the best decisions I have made in recent years.
Their services were tailored to accommodate new immigrants like myself, and I quickly found the apartment of my dreams.

Xiqiao Sun


Savvy Cat's stellar team made the negotiation, legal paperwork, appointments, etc., all happen seamlessly, with their guidance.
I can't say enough good things about Savvy Cat Realty, and our awesome agent, Diana.

Eric & Sean


Ski and I could not be happier! It’s been wonderful having Diana with us every step of the way since before we arrived in Portugal.

Kristie & Ski


We were paired up with Teresa, who grew up in Porto, and her advice was excellent.
We are SO glad that we listened to her about Boavista and her opinions about some of the properties she visited for us.

Thanks, Teresa & Savvy Cat!

Rebecca and Ryan


Savvy Cat and João expertly guided us through the processes we would have found difficult and challenging on our own. From getting our NIFs, setting up bank accounts, and house hunting, through to completing the house purchase, sorting utilities and getting the house habitable, we were accompanied by someone who knew exactly what was going on and what needed to be done.

Will & Karen

"Diana is the best! Very understanding and very helpful. Helped us navigate the process and found a great apartment for Stef and I.

Muito Obrigado."

Glenn Costa

"I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed working with Graciosa so far! She has been so kind, encouraging, and responsive. We have just gotten started, but I can tell how hard she is working and how much care she puts into everything she does. 
I'm so happy it worked out for us to work with her, and I wanted to let Savvy Cat know! 

Thank you! "

Erin Arcand

"Dear João, We ended up with an amazing home and Joao was so patient and helpful with advice on looking and buying here, thru the process. We ended up being one of three offers but our Savvy Cat attorney got the paperwork done first. They also advised how to handle a missing pool permit and made the seller deal with the concelho to get the paperwork so that we wouldn't be fined later. And he helped us afterwards finding a trustworthy contractor do do a roofing and fencing project we couldn't do ourselves.
João comes highly recommended and is a life long friend and we refer to him as our Portugues son :). We highly recommend them.

Katherine and Jerry Drovdhal

"I highly recommend Savvy Cat Realty and specifically, Teresa who worked directly with us. Teresa was very helpful in locating an apartment for us in Porto as we currently live in the states. Starting with finding an apartment to providing a lease in English. Savvy Cat & Teresa know about the challenges that folks moving to Portugal from out of the country face, and they were very well prepared to help us manage those challenges. Teresa is very kind and we look forward to continuing to work with her when we finally arrive in our new country. "

Julie Allen

"We wanted to let you know how much we enjoy working with Marco! He has made our move to Portugal so much easier than we had experienced in other countries. He is always friendly, upbeat, and available. He helped us get settled in our temporary rental this past September in Porto , helped us find a condo to purchase in Praia Granja, and helped us in the move to and set up in our new condo. 
He is the best! 

David Akins

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