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Helping Business Savvy Expats Make Smart Property Purchases !


When developing an idea or investment we can create some expectations that are far from reality. Now add moving to a new country to the mix, with a different everything… There can be unexpected situations that not even the greatest internet research can predict.

Our mission is to work side by side with our clients to make their dream a reality, giving them all the information they need without omissions and working with each individual  to answer their needs and achieve a smooth relocation from day one!

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Please note our Admin Staff works Mondays to Fridays from 10am to 6pm and representatives only work weekends upon previous scheduling. Please Respect Staff's time off, we need it to keep giving our best!


Fur-midable Savvy Cat Strong Points

Find the most complete service in the market with us


Because of our unique position in the marketplace we are pioneers in the Relocation Services and provide you the full package that others lack.

  • Advice & Consulting : 
    from Market tendencies, Investment and return, Contract & documentation reviews,
    Taxes and costs, Portugal Locations, Neighborhoods
    and areas, Renovations or Construction, Public services and so much more;


  •  Portugal Regional Tour : experience life in the location you are interested in with real time Savvy feedback and guidance; 

  • Real Estate Market Research : property research and visits plus advisory on the buying or rental process (contracts, deeds & reserves).

Specialized on EXPATS and tailored for buyers


Finding your next home or investment is so personal so we go over lifestyle, needs, must-haves dos and don'ts in order to pair you with the perfect market opportunity.

  • Our Savvy Team hires local, because inhabitants know best about the places they live in;

  • Savvy Cat paws are connected all over Portugal. With us you are not restricted to a city or region;

  • We work arms in arms with our legal team to be constantly updated in all legal matters;

  • We know many things will be different when you are moving to a completely different country, so we help manage our clients culture-clashes.

We've got your back!


Foreigners and expats are often taken advantage of due to not knowing how the portuguese market works. Savvy Cat wants to go against that so we have no background agenda, no portfolio to sell, no pressure to push higher prices to get more commission

  • We are not afraid to spill the catnip and explain every pros and cons of your choices economically, culturally and practically;

  • Communications and Transparency with our clients and collaborators is our motto;

  • Custom | Authentic | Thorough; 

  • Last but not least, all our services options have
    Fixed Costs.


Savvy Testimonials
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Praia da Bordeira, Algarve, Portugal _edited.jpg

Porto Representative

Joy and Kevin Johnson

"We wanted to take a moment and send our high compliments to your agent, Nuno Santos for his excellent service! As you probably hear from many clients, finding a home in an unfamiliar country without physically being there can be difficult and daunting. However, commissioning Savvy Cat Realty's rental service for our relocation to Portugal was one of the best decisions we made. We are so glad we were paired with your agent, Nuno Santos. He was professional, knowledgeable, responsive, friendly, and understanding. Our experience was very good and we will recommend your services to others."

Image by Tom Byrom

On our Rental Service

Kenton & Teresa M.

"(...) Savvy Cat Realty has been part of this exciting journey, and we are truly grateful for your assistance. We hope that we can continue our good relationship and who knows, buy a home with your assistance. Of course, we will seek your professional guidance when the day comes to purchase our home in Portugal. (...)"

Image by Daniel Seßler

Advisory Calls


Get to meet our Founder Ana and go through your personal needs and questions with her. Based on that she will recommend and narrow your options as well as give advice on how to manage your relocation.

You can also book a call with one of our representatives if you want to get feedback on specific locations you are considering as your new home!

Currently we are only clients after an initial contact and depending on our availability and the client's timeline and needs, but feel free to inquire!

Book a 45 min ADVISORY CALL with Savvy's Team


Our Savvy Advice
Advice, guidance and more all combined in blog form 


Curious about our History?
It all started like this...

Ana Caramujo

Savvy Cat Realty Founder

All started with One person and One mission, to present an alternative in the Portuguese Market and show that we can work more fairly, focus on collaboration and not competition.

The first seed for the creation of SavvyCatRealty was planted when my father took me under his wing from a very young age and introduced me to our families real estate investments and properties management. I also got the opportunity to travel, live and move all over Portugal.


These two experiences plus what I learned from some bad real estate experiences, inspired me to create a better service offer for this market and help other people with similar experiences like mine to overcome their endeavors.

- "Be the change I wanted to see! "


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