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Our Buying Services

Helping Savvy Expats Relocate & Make Smart Property Purchases

Have a smooth move to Portugal

We've got you covered!

Working with us may be a fit if you want:


  • Support finding the right visa for you & gathering the necessary documents;

  • Renting before buying, if necessary;

  • Research & updated market reports using an agency only MLS software and market analytics;

  • Relocation & Location advisory;

  • Resident tours to truly get to know the areas you plan to move to;

  • Individual property reports and video tours;

  • Legal & technical verification of properties before purchase;

  • Renovation & construction budgets & timelines before purchase;

  • Support with licences, documents, mortgages, banks, utilities and more;

  • Support through the renovation or construction process;

  • Support with settling (connecting with services, communities, schools etc;


Buying Service

Let's see if you're a fit

We help you make all the right questions from the start!

We've created two different packages for buyers with two different sets of needs.

To help you make a Savvy choice that fit your needs, take a look at the profiles below and find out what your ideal Service Pack is!

The Decided

  • May need support with the Visa application;

  • Has a specific location in mind & did a lot of research beforehand;

  • Wants to buy one property for private use that is ready to move in / in need of minor renovations; 

  • Has plans to rent for a few months before buying;

  • Wants support in finding the right neighbourhood;

  • Wants to make a smart purchase;

  • Wants to avoid issues with the property or location by having expert & legal advice;

The Wanderers

  • May need support with the Visa application;

  • Is considering several locations OR looking for an ideal and not a location;

  • Doesn't know the country well and wants support in finding the right match;

  • Enjoys travel and is willing to explore their options;

  • Wants to be in contact with the locals & culture;

  • Interested in return and re-sale as moving elsewhere is always a possibility;

  • May be considering constructing or renovating;

  • May want a second investment property;

How to purchase a Savvy Package


Do you find this service is right for you?
Next step is to book:

If you want personalized advice on where, how, when to move and what and how to buy you can book an Relocation Advisory Call with our CEO, at a cost of 123€. If you decide to move foward the cost of the call is discounted from the package (if within 3 months).


If you just want to get clarity on what our services include, what you can expect from working with us, timelines, payments or anything else service related you can book a FREE 30 minute clarification call to make sure you choose the right package for you!


First, we listen!

  • Purchase* and book a RELOCATION ADVISORY CALL with our expert and CEO, Ana Caramujo;

  • Ana will get the opportunity to get to know you, your needs and priorities better, as she gives you all the advice from a market expert perspective;

  • If you decide not to proceed with our services, this call will definitely be valuable in helping you understand and navigate the Portuguese real estate market, while offering tailored advisory according to your particular needs;

And, after the Call?

  • If you decide to continue with one of our BUYING SERVICES PACKS, the process will start from there;

  • Each client chooses which service pack best suits them; 

  • Advisory call cost will be discounted from the package price;

  • About the Payment Process - More information below or in our brochure.

​​*All information detailing what each pack includes and terms of service is on the service brochure & service contract.


Buying Process

Step one

Advisory & Assistance Service

  • After the Relocation Advisory Call, we will help you make a good choices from the start;

  • With Ana's & our Regional Relocation Advisors help, find out where in Portugal you would like to live in and begin your new life;

  • Ease the cultural clash and get  information on how things really operate here;  

  • We offer full transparency - show the market as it really is.

We created 2 packs* according to the needs of our most common client profile:

  • Pack 1 (Decided) - A basic service designed for residential purposes and focused in one city.

  • Pack 2 (Wanderers) - An intermediate service that allows you to explore multiple cities and buy one residential and one rental property.

*Each pack has different duration period.

Service Packs pricing (part 1)

Each client chooses what level of service better suits them. Payment is made in 2 parts: 

PART 1 : 20% upon email confirmation you would like to proceed with our services;
PART 2 : 80% once the in-person service is initiated OR up to 3 months after sign up;
A service contract is sent within 1 week from the initial payment. It can be requested for review prior to payment.

*All information detailing what each pack includes and the terms of service in our service brochure & service contract.

€ 2 500
The Decided | PACK 1

€ 4 500

The Wanderers | PACK 2

All prices are plus VAT

Step two

Real Estate Purchase Support Service

The reason why Savvy Cat Realty operates this way is because we do a lot of work for our clients even before the transaction happens, and keep supporting them after. All our staff have contracts and salaries, so they are not dependent on commissions. 

Most Real Estate Agencies work with commissions only and have no exclusivity. This often leads to agents constantly competing against each other, hiding information from clients to sell faster and protecting their commission than actually defending the buyer's interests (as the commission is paid by the seller). Savvy Cat Realty is absolutely against this. 

Our service is designed in a way that the total cost (advisory & assistance + real estate) is 5% or less of the property value, and will, in the worst case scenario, cost you about the same as a regular mediation service (standard price is 5% commission). Furthermore, in most cases, it can cost you less while offering you a lot more support.

We want to avoid the tendency of pushing higher prices to get higher commission payout. 

​In case of a property purchase from real estate agencies, we will divide commission as it is the market standard. We are always willing to sacrifice said commission if it benefits the client. However, if we do so, the client has to pay separately (these are fixed amounts), otherwise we don't charge anything else for the property purchase (we just take the partial commission from the seller, meaning the cost to our clients will be the service pack only).

Fixed costs on real estate transactions  (step 2/2)



€ 0-110k

€ 3 000

€ 110k-250k

€ 5 500

€ 251K-450k

€ 9 000

€ 450k - 1M

€ 15 000

1M - 2M

€ 25 000

2M - 4M

€ 45 000

over 4 M

€ 75 000

All prices are plus VAT

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our Buying Services.

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