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Our Investment  Service

For savvy investors looking to grow their assets through real estate

Who is this service for?

The Investors

  • Wants to move to Portugal, but also invest here;

  • Wants support during the whole process, including setting up a business;

  • Looking to purchase multiple properties;

  • Looking to build / renovate / rent / buy a business property;

  • Interested in analyzing the market studies and specifics;

  • Wants to be presented different business models for their investments;

  • Wants to save time and avoid headaches while increasing their assets;

  • Wants a bespoke long-term professional relationship with a team they can trust to boost their assets;

  • Interested in an inside perspective on the markets & access to off market networking, connections & deals;

  • Don't want to drive the locals out of their cities, are worried about economic, cultural and environmental sustainability;

  • Often Golden Visa Investors & Cash buyers.

What does it include?

Package Brakdown Costs


All packages include


* can be more then one agent on call.


** these services are not counted in buying packs as they are part of the real  estate transaction services, and thus covered in phase      


2 payment, we impose no fixed limits, but we will avoid wasting both our clients and our teams time in exessive or unecessary visitations.


***optional spiritual guidance sessions.


PM : Project Management All PRICES presented in this document



Is this what you're looking for?
To move foward just book a... 

Relocation Advisory Call

45' with CEO to go over all 
yout needs and requirements

How does it work?

Step one

Investment Package

Our investment services are much more than just the real estate transaction. They include:

  • Support finding the right visa & gathering the necessary documents;

  • Research & updated market reports using an agency only MLS software and market;

  • Location advisory from an investment perspective, tailored to each investor;

  • Residential  tours you can use to know & explore the cities;

  • Individual property reports and video tours plus earning prospects and predictions;

  • Suggestions on different models for each property (options for both rental and re-sale);

  • Legal & technical verification of properties before purchase;

  • Renovation and construction budgets & timelines before purchase;

  • Support & overseeing of licences, construction, renovations & projects;

  • Networking - connecting you with the right professionals and finding off market deals;

  • Support with settling (services connection, communities, schools etc).

We also try to ease out the cultural clash and provide information on how things operate and what to expect - how the market works, how to negotiate, taxes, public services, cities, towns & neighborhoods, investment and return, investment models, banks, loans, etc. Many things will be very different from the way they work in your home country, so best to be prepared!

We always want our clients to make good deals, and we will warn them if we think they are not, but in the end, it is their call.

Step two

Real Estate Transactions

It's the regular transaction fee, but we only provide this service together with the package.

The reason we operate this way is because we provide a lot of support and service to our clients even before the transaction happens, and continue to do so long after it does. It's a way to make sure we defend your best interest and our work is valued regardless of purchase.

We want to avoid the tendency of pushing higher prices to get higher commission payout, so we have a fixed cost chart for real estate transactions. For reference the standard market practice is 5-6 % of the sale value. This applies to private transactions and off market deals.

In case of a property purchase  from real estate agencies, we will divide commission as it is the market standard and we have a real estate licence as well.. We are always willing to sacrifice said commission if it benefits the client. However, if we do so, the client has to pay separately (these fixed amounts). If we get a partial commission from the transaction, we don't charge anything else for the property purchase, meaning the cost to our clients will be the service package only, as the partial commission is paid by the seller and included in the price (we usually get 1-3%).

Fixed costs on real estate  (step 2/2)



€ 0-110k

€ 3 000

€ 110k-250k

€ 5 500

€ 251K-450k

€ 9 000

€ 450k - 1M

€ 15 000

1M - 2M

€ 25 000

2M - 4M

€ 45 000

over 4 M

€ 75 000


Why invest in Real

A graphic is worth a thousand words:

Estate in Portugal?


Variation of Real Estate prices in Portugal using 2010 as base reference

Data from Bank of Portugal and INE (National Statistics Institute)

If you would like more detailed information feel free to check

these two articles (2022)

There are great opportunities in the Portuguese Real Estate market. Lisbon is saturated when it comes to prices and won't have a significant growth, but Porto and other medium or small sized cities are presenting amazing investment opportunities. By working with us, we will find you the best location that matches your personal investment goals, and make sure your assets grow as the markets do.

More about our Investment  Services 

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