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Rental Service

Rental Service Options







Savvy Cat Realty always provides a premium tailored support by locals trained to guide newcomers through navigating and settling in your new country. We will advise you where to go, where and what to avoid, how to move around, where to eat and drink out, where to shop according to your needs & tastes. You'll be getting a private guide to the city.

We can not guarantee we will find you the perfect rental, but if your budget and requirements are realistic, we always deliver.  

BASIC Rental Pack


The BASIC Rental Service is ideal for those who want to be more “hands-on” and visit the properties themselves. We support with research and network, contracts, negotiations, and legal advisory.

We always provide advice on areas considering your requirements and lifestyle and always give you an inside perspective of neighborhoods. This pack does not include visitations to properties by our agents.

PREMIUM Rental Pack


The PREMIUM Service includes everything the BASIC does, plus:

  • Visits & video tours/reports;

  • More advisory time;

  • Post-agreement support;

  • Longer service period (90 days);

If you want our local agent visit properties & get everything set up for you to move in right away, the PREMIUM Rental Pack is the best option for you!

PLATINUM Rental Pack


You should opt for the PLATINUM Service if you want someone on your side throughout the whole process:


Visa, bank accounts, NIF, Social Security, utilities, and local guidance to settling you in.


This pack is the most complete of our rental services, similar to our Buyer Services, so if you are looking to buy after renting, check out our buying services!



We don't charge commission & it's a fixed service price. Our goal is to not inflate the market further and we will give you feedback on it’s framework;



We work for our clients, not with portfolios. Meaning we will get you private listings and off-market properties, if they’re in the network


We will work with you to find the best location, go over the social and cultural aspects of each area of interest;


You can discuss with us your personal needs, such as education, transport access, coastal access, etc;


We offer practical advice according to your requirements, budget and timeframe. 


Get the support of our trusted attorney. All relevant information regarding you process is legally reviewed.

Rental Process
How we work - step by step 


After purchasing the pack of your choosing, you will receive a form that needs to be filled and sent back to us with your personal preferences and requirements. This is necessary step for us to provide you a better service!


A Savvy Representative will be assigned to you and contact you with feedback on your requirements, budget and location. They will also send some listing options within 3 business days after receiving the form; 


Visitations can be made by you, by the agent or both (number of visits will depend on the pack chosen). Agents will always be honest and transparent with their feedback, and advise on details like living practicality, location & physical state of the property.


We intermediate with the landlord/agency to sign a contract that protects you both. All contracts are reviewed by a lawyer.


Post agreement support – if you need help with setting up utilities, appliances, issues with the landlord or anything else related to your rental that you might need support with – we are here for you!
(Service not included in the Basic packs)

Some Things to Consider

01. Timeframe

Rental service should be initiated 1 to 2 months ahead of the planned start of contract date. ​Most landlords do not make agreements more than 2 months in advance. There is a lot of demand in the market, most offers work on a “ready to move in” basis

03. Lifestyle

  • ​Do you often participate in cultural activities? 

  • Do you enjoy having an active community around you? 

  • Do you eat out frequently? Practice a sport? Have an indispensable hobby?

  • Want to support local businesses? 

  • Is energy important? Any Spiritual, Religious or Holistic needs? 

02. Budget 

We prioritize making the most of our client's budget, so we provide market advisory. If your budget is too high or low for the market in the area, etc. We ask our client's budget for reference and work with it accordingly.

04. Transportation needs

  • Is walkability important for you?

  • Planning on having a car?

  • Want to be close to an airport?

  • Want a city with a good public transportation network?

  • Metro? Train? Bus? Uber? Require any of these to be in proximity?

  • Are there things you require to be in a 15-min radius?

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