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Rental Service

For those that want
"Trial Period" before
committing to a new country


Our Rental Service
Want to rent before committing?

We created a rental advisory service for those that prefer to rent and so, why hire us?

  • We don't charge commission, it's a fixed service price. Our goal is to not inflate the market further and we will give you feedback on it’s framework;

  • We work for the buyers, not with portfolios, meaning we will get you private listings, and even off market properties, if in the network;

  • We will also work with you to find the best location, go over the social and cultural aspects of each area of interest;

  • You can discuss with us your personal needs, such as education, transport access, coast access, not wanting to drive, etc;

  • We advise you to buy a rental pack about 30 to 45 days before the desired move in date.


We have 2 options, a affordable BASIC RENTAL Service, and the more complete PREMIUM  RENTAL Service

Basic Rental Pack

The BASIC Service is ideal for those that want to be more hands on and visit the properties themselves, we support on the research and networking, contracts, negotiations, and legal advisory.

We also provide advice on areas considering your requirements and lifestyle and always give an inside perspective of neighborhoods. You can choose to use the included hours either on advisory or visitations, but keep in mind they are limited.
It expires after 45 days.


If your BASIC RENTAL Pack, isn't enough or if you prefer less headaches and even more support, the PREMIUM RENTAL Pack is the best service for you! 

Premium Rental Pack

​​The PREMIUM Service is a complete package that includes more visits and consultation time as well as post agreement support.
It also has a longer expiry (90 days).


Rental Process, How does it work?

1.    After purchasing the chosen Rental Pack, you will receive a form that needs to be filled and sent back to us with your personal preferences and requirements.


2.    A Savvy Representative will come back to you with feedback, location advice and some options within 3 business days after we receive the form; we will work with you to find the best option and negotiate it.


3.    We talk to the landlord/agency to sign a contract that protects you both, all contracts are reviewed by a lawyer and we will warn you of any issues.

4.    (Premium Only) Post agreement support – if you need help with setting up utilities, appliances, issues with the landlord or anything else related to the process that you might need support with – we are here for you!


We don't give you 100% guarantee we will find you exactly what you want, there might need some compromise. If the client does not accept any of the options offered the package does expire once service or time runs out.


What you should know about the rental market in Portugal

 Renting in Portugal


"The rental market in Portugal is very saturated,
I should know, I've rented, and I'm a landlord . You can find good renting prices off the big cities and very touristic locations, but in those you really have to research and network to find them ...

When I rent, I like to rent for fair prices for locals, so if I need to put an ad up, in 24h I get enough visitation requests to fill 2 days and take my pick which tenant I think will stay longer and give me less trouble. I only had to put an ad once, and I co-own dozens of apartments. I'm telling you this for 2 reasons: one is that apartments go FAST; the other is that if the ad is staying for too long (+1week, 2 weeks is ok for lesser demand locations), it's likely either too high of a price, or unrealistic requests from the landlord, and you should avoid both.

Landlords usually put an add up 1 month before the move in date. Sometimes it will be available immediately, other times it will be a bit longer (usually says so in the ad)".

(Ana Caramujo, Founder)

Keep in Mind 

If you want to rent and live awhile in Portugal before buying, we get you, making sure you like it before committing.

However, keep the following in mind:

  • You will not get financial return on renting, as the property isn't yours, and subletting is usually not allowed;

  • If you can afford to buy, even by taking a loan, if you decide to move out you can always rent or sell, interest is currently rather low;

  • The standard practice is 1 month deposit and 2 months rent for the initial payment, we do not recommend paying more than 4 months rent.;

  • Most listings are on a ready to move in basis, landlords usually can take their pick on tenants and tend to prefer longer contracts;

  • Many landlords refuse pets (it's not illegal yet, but this can change in the near future).

Alojamento Local ?

In the past 5 years something called "Alojamento Local" has become increasingly popular, it's a type of property registry that allows for short term rentals (like holiday rentals). This is usually more profitable for the owners in high demand locations and has a high rotation of tenants. Lots of owners rent their AL for medium term in the low seasons, at acceptable prices.


In AL properties it's mandatory to have utilities included in the rent cost. Utilities for AL count as business, and are much more expensive than normal rates, so the landlord will often set a limit.

It's much easier to get a medium term rental (3-6 months) in AL regime due to taxation, most residential landlords will give preference to 1+ years contracts. It's also much easier to get a contract months before the move in date with AL's, most residential landlords only set ads 1 month or less before the move in date, and will ask to pay for months in between the move in if you are not moving right away. With AL they often accept a contract ahead of time, especially if the move in date is in the low season and it's a medium term.