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Meet Our team
We have a team of knowledgeable locals spread through the country to guide you step by step!


Ana Caramujo 

Savvy Cat Founder & entrepreneur


The Portuguese Real Estate market is a mess. There is barely any exclusivity, constant conflicts of interests, lack of training of agents, unethical behaviors, among other things. I hated this. I actually avoided real estate related professions due to all of the above.

​However, because my family has a long history in real estate investment, I ended up getting involved in it at a very young age. A lot of people came to me for real estate advice.

​One day, I heard the story of a British lady’s experience buying in Portugal. How hard it was when the main concern is not the location. How hard it was to find someone trustworthy.

Something clicked, I realized I could be the change I wanted to see!


Our Growing Savvy Team

Service-oriented staff that enjoys learning and growing, as that is our stand in business and
in life! And of course, know the area they are responsible for like the back of their hands.

andreia web.jpeg

Born and raised in Algarve, Andreia got to meet people from diverse countries, which also contributed to her love for traveling and learning about other cultures. Andreia developed a special connection with Haute Savoie (Fr) and Geneva (Sw), where she studied French language and Culture (ELCF). Her creativity led her back to Portugal to complete a degree in jewelry. Having her own atelier, Andreia creates original and personalized pieces that bring much joy to her customers. 

Recently, she felt the need to embrace a new challenge. Being part of the Savvy Cat team is the perfect opportunity to ally her experiences, pride and passion of the Algarve with the sole purpose of creating a positive outcome doing everything and anything for your Portuguese dream to come true.






More information is coming soon



Relocation Advisor
Beja & Évora Districts


Cátia has been splitting her time between Alcobaça and Coimbra for years, for work and studies.
With a bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages at the University of Coimbra and a postgraduate degree in Communication Studies and having worked in client service and administrative duties, Cátia found in Savvy Cat an opportunity to mix her area of studies and professional experience all in one.



Administrative & Content support


Teresa is passionate about Porto and hosting people, the perfect mix for working at Savvy Cat. Having worked in hospitality for over 10 years, managed a hostel in the UK and owned her own guesthouse in Porto, she understands what it takes to make others feel guided and welcomed into a new place.



Relocation Advisor
Porto & Vila Real Districts


Born in Lisbon but has been living in Algarve for 5 years. João defines Algarve as a peaceful and stress-free location with the perks of nice weather all year long.

With a professional background in Tourism, he has joined Savvy Cat with the ambition to help people find what he came looking for in Algarve and hopefully make it a place to call home.


Relocation Advisor
Algarve Region


Sigrid was born in Colombia, but was living in Argentina for the last 11 years. She studied in both countries and has developed a career in design, illustration and art direction with international brands.


She loves design, illustration, having new creative ideas and making them come true. 






Diana was born and raised in Alcobaça and spent a lot of her early years exploring the Silver Coast in vacations. She lived in Australia for some years and came back to Portugal to work in a surf school for 6 years.

Currently, she lives in Caldas da Rainha and as part of the Savvy Team, her goal is to help clients find what she also came looking for in the Leiria district : a good quality of life and the perfect spot between mountains and the sea.



Relocation Advisor
Leiria & Santarém Districts


Marco was born and raised in Guimarães, the ‘birthplace’ of Portugal. He worked as a client assistant for major brands in the Braga region. Soon after, he lived 5 years in the South of the country where managed a business in tourism and made significant connections with the international market. The appeal to go back to the North was too strong and now his goal as part of the Savvy Team is to show our clients why this area is so desirable and easy to fall in love with



Relocation Advisor

North Region


More information is coming soon


Relocation Advisor

 Lisbon & Setúbal Districts


Hugo is a young dynamic person, fluent in English, that reviews all contracts for Savvy Cat and provides legal advice regarding the relocation and purchase processes. Based in Portimão, he sometimes meets with our clients in the Algarve, however most consults are made digitally.

Hugo is very patient and will explain everything so you can clear your doubts on Portuguese legal processes.
(Practice Licence 60386F)




(Practice Licence 60386F)

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