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If you are looking for an ideal but do not really know where to start, Savvy is here to help while saving you money in the process! 

What are you looking for?



Savvy Cat Realty is not tied to any agency or has a private listing. We work on preset rates and with buyers only. This means the service price will not be altered by property value; 

Transparent  Pricing

Always with your personal requests in mind, our goal is to save you as much money and time as we can by using our knowledge of the internal market.

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In order to ease and nourish the soul and keep your vibes high are you looking for someplace specific? Or maybe you would like to have the energy of the place checked before moving in? 

You can count on our respectful and emphatic Savvy Team as well as fellow practitioners ready to accommodate and take into account any of your spiritual needs!



Two Steps, one complete Service


Step 1

Advisory & Assistance service

Is a package designed to help our clients move to Portugal, find the location match for them, and make a good investment there – it’s not just about the real estate, it is about making a good choice and easing our client’s moving process, so they enjoy their life here. This is a very personal and unique journey to each client, and we always adapt to their needs and requirements.


Step 2

Real Estate Research / Purchase Support

This service Is all about the property and covers the real estate side of things, but we only provide it together with the consultancy and assistance service. 


It includes property visits (virtual or in person), market research & advisory on the buying process (contracts, deeds & reserves)... However, as we include much more than that for Portuguese Real Estate legislation reasons, we had to separate the services.

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We created a rental advisory service specially for clients that prefer to make a "trial period" in their chosen location before buying. So why should you hire us for this?​

  • We don't charge commission, it's a fixed service price. Our earnings won't  change even if the property prices are more expensive, so we will always aim to do the opposite;

  • We work for the buyers, not with portfolios, meaning we will get you private listings, and even off market properties, if in the network;

  • We will also work with you to find the best location, go over the social and cultural aspects of each area of interest;

  • You can discuss with us your personal needs, such as education, transport access, coast access, not wanting to drive, etc;

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