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Our Advisory Services

Let's talk about your needs & dreams of moving to Portugal and how to get there! 


Advisory Calls

Portugal Location Hunt + Relocation Advisory


Step One 

A call expert is a great way to clear all your doubts and concerns  around relocating and Real Estate in Portugal. Even if you don't plan on buying a pack, the savings that can be brought by the advice we can give you is well worth the price. It will also take a weight off your shoulders and give you a better idea of what to expect!


​Feel free to have a list of questions and take a look below for things to consider before the call.

Our Investment Experts have vast experience with property, and will give you advice from a zoom out perspective on the whole country; Our Area Specialists will give specific insight on cities and practical living.

for a smooth Relocation

  • First step to get a buyer/investment package & great way to get savvy ...

    45 min

    123 euros

​If during the call, you decide everything lines up to proceed with one of our packs, you will be requested a 20% deposit. From the 20%, we will discount the price of the call. 

As soon as we receive your payment, an agent will be assigned to you and we can initiate your process! 

For rentals, you can just purchase the service on our rental and the process initiates soon after.
Calls with Investment experts are not included in Rental services.


​You can also book location advisory calls with agents if you want to discuss a specific city or area (neighborhoods, schools, activities, communities, costs, transportation, etc).


Not sure what is best for you?

Book a free 30-minute Clarification Call


With Andreia, our Investment manager, she will not only answer your questions about our services and help you understand our processes but also provide guidance on which of our solutions suits you best.

Call with Boss
Location Advisory
Clarification Call
Image by Teresa Pinho

Four things to consider!

01. Timeframe

Rental service should be initiated 1 to 2 months ahead of the planned start of contract date.  Most landlords do not make agreements more than 2 months in advance. There is a lot of demand in the market, most offers work on a &ldq