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Get to know your favorite cities in Portugal, from a local perspective and meet other explorers like you!


Our New Tour Service
Explore, learn and create bounds 

One of the things our clients often mention is the desire to find like-minded people and communities... so naturally, we listen!

Future Resident Tour

Tour Service

So, what  to expect ?

  1. These tours are preset, the itinerary is sent before applying, and have very limited spots as our goal is not to have big groups but quality socialization. We want to be able to interact with each participant.

  2. We select the group for the tours (8 people max), according to the interests filled on the form. Tours will happen once to twice per month in different areas. The main goal is to combine the social aspect and the informative side of moving to a new country.

  3. There will always be one of our savvy regional representatives guiding the tour and offering inside perspective and advice, they are local folk and with a practical knowledge of their city/location 😊 Sometimes you might get a special appearance from our CEO on the social time of tours and a chance to pick her brain too 😉

  4. First tours are scheduled to start late August 2021 and we would love to hear from you on themes/interests and cities/locations you would like to explore, please use the form below to be added to the waitlist, get more information & submit your suggestions for future tours!

 Explore like a local 
Resident Perspective City Tours

Not touristic tours ! Here is what we mean when we say resident perspective :

Show people where locals eat, where to shop, how to move around, cultural activities, real life cost and how much locals usually spend, what are the normal prices of rent, developing neighborhoods , what neighborhoods are not recommendable, the pros and cons of locations, etc.

Savvy Cat policy is honesty, showing and saying things as they are, not as they would “sound / look good”.

One of the things we are proud of at Savvy Cat Realty is to give access to hidden and forgotten locations as we want to show all of our beautiful country and fight inflation in popular options and desertification of smaller / less known places. If there is a place “in the middle of nowhere” you like to explore, just let us know!

Resident Tour
A small Summary

  • Format : In person*;

  • Number of spots : Limited (8 people max.);

  • Frequency : one or two times a month in different Portuguese regions ;

  • Itinerary : Personalize according your interests;

  • Duration : Total estimated time duration of 8h,
    (contains 3h group break for rest and social time);


  • Includes : 1 Lunch/Dinner and two snack/café stops + guided drives with stops, walking bits & sometimes activities.

  • The average cost will be 300€ +VAT per person.

Image by Paulo Evangelista

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Hygiene & Safety are also part of our values!

Our priority is to guarantee the safety of our employees and customers and, as such, we have been implementing or reinforcing a set of preventive measures to ensure safety.

We are committed to providing experiences with all possible safety measures so that our clients feel comfortable enjoying our tour experience. So, in light of the current pandemic, and in accordance with the recommendations of the Portuguese Health Authority, Savvy Cat Realty has decided to implement the following preventive measures:


Whenever possible and necessary, we provide masks and gloves for the entire team in order to protect our employees and customers. Clients should bring their own mask to use.


We promote social distance before, after and during our tours, so that you can enjoy each experience with maximum safety and comfort.


As in our previous procedures, vehicle disinfection always takes place before and after the tour with the recommended detergents.


To ensure everyone's safety, when the tour booking is confirmed, clients will receive a complete COVID-19 brochure with additional information on tests and current extra measures they must take into consideration.