Terms and Conditions

Rental Services

We always aim to find good deals, as we are not paid by landlords.

We can get you private listings and off market properties, we search multiple channels and networks and use an agent only MLS system that gives us some inside information. 

We can not change the market availability and pricing, we will advise and try to get good deals but high demand areas are hard to deal with and can be pricey, low demand areas tend to have a lack of offer. Because of this we often go off market (into our private networks).

Savvy Cat Realty will always work with local agents, they will provide information and advice on the locations you are interested in and whether they are a match for your needs.

We are not responsible for delays or no-shows on the landlord side, and they do not entitle the client to a refund. Delays or failures from our agent will not be counted as service time.

We will always try to find agents that can communicate well in English, but the client must understand the fluency might not be perfect. If the client does not require the agent to speak English, they should inform us.

In order for the service to go smoothly the client must keep an open line of communication with the agent, so he/her can best act on the client’s behalf.

Visitations can either be done while on video call with the agent or by film reports sent to the client.
Communication can be made by email, WhatsApp, or phone. 

Our agent will let the client know if there was anything that grabbed his/her attention in a negative way. The client is free to ask for the pros and cons after or during the visit.

We consider a max of 45 days of service for rentals, usually counted back from the ideal date of rental start/entry.
Rent and deposit payments are made directly to the landlord.

We assist in negotiations with our client’s best interest in mind.

The clients are responsible for letting the agent know their personal and needs, we do not take responsibility if they are not met due to lack of communication on the client’s end.

The only way we can guarantee the rental is by making the renting contract, keep in mind other clients can show up if negotiations take too long.

If more than one trip to the rental is necessary to complete this process they will both count towards the purchased service time, if the time purchased is not enough the client will have to cover it. There is a 15min tolerance for each service hour.

The Contract Secural Service consists of us using a contract template made by our lawyer, both in English and in Portuguese, that will be used to secure your rental. When the landlord insists on using their own contract it is reviewed and approved by our lawyer before signature too.

The client will be required to provide all the legal information necessary for the conclusion of this contract. We will secure the required information on the landlord and property.

The contract will be sent filled, it is a fair contract that protects both parties, we advise the client to read it before signing.
The contract can be signed digitally using a tablet or digital pen (it must be in the tenant's handwriting) or in person, digitally is much easier for international processes.

The landlord is responsible for registering the contract in "Finanças" but we will follow up if necessary. 
Or service concludes once the contract is signed.

If either party gives up during the contract phase the client is not entitled to a refund. But we are open to negotiate solutions, like searching for a new option.

Savvy Cat Realty will not in any way be liable for the landlord’s actions after our service relationship with the client ends.


Buying Services


A real estate mediation contract and a service contract are mandatory to proceed with buying services. We only work with exclusivity.

We request a 20% deposit to initiate the business relationship after verbal agreement, it is based on the service package chosen by the client.

First payment is made through our website platform and can be processed using any credit or debit card. Receipts are sent immediately after payment by our system.

 Contracts are sent within 15 days. Clients must provide ID and necessary information for contract purposes.

In the case of married couples we request signatures from both parties.

Contracts are signed digitally using a program called “HelloSign” that is recognized in most countries (including all of Europe, US & Canada). Signatures need to be in handwriting using a touchscreen and pen.

The next payments are made by bank transfer and an invoice is sent to request them.

We only work with fixed rates, shown below.

If a purchase is made through an agency and we are entitled to part of the selling commission, that corresponding amount will be deducted from the final (mediation) payment, and even nullify it, if the amount of the commission fully covers it. We are willing to lower our fee in the case of sharing’s depending on how much work the other agency did. Overall we will always try to make it so our clients are not overpaying.

Refunds on the service packages are calculated considering the full value of the services used until the date of request.

Mediation payment is nonrefundable as it is only asked after the deal is secured or finalized.

The client must collaborate with the agents, sharing necessary information and documentation in order to maintain a high service standard.