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Pierre & Elise

Agent · João Branquinho 

Dear João,


The rental contract has been signed. The money for rent and deposit has been transferred. We a in the house today. The deal is closed. Thank you for your invaluable assistance. Throughout the process you have performed with professionalism and compassion. You have listened to us and offered insight without being pushy. We never got the impression that we were a routine case. Our situation was made more difficult because we both have been ill while traveling in our new country with the task of finding that rare long term lease. When the physical and emotional toll of our mission seemed overwhelming, you supported us. You got us appointments that we could not have secured. We feared that the appointments to visit properties on Tuesday would be fruitless, but in both cases we were at the top of the list of applicants. That sudden power over the process was an enormous comfort and advantage as we went through the decision making process. During the negotiation you were actively involved in texting, emailing, and talking on the phone with the landlord. You presented the contract to the attorney and prepared it for signing. These are just the things that we know you did. We imagine that you've been much busier, especially since we certainly aren't your only responsibility. In short, you made this happen and for that we will always be grateful.


Sincerely yours,

Pierre and Elise Clement

Ed & Mira

Agent · João Branquinho 

Hi Ana, thanks for this video. We can confirm that it’s very comfortable to do business with your company. 

Your agents are real professionals and provide us with the best advices. They actively think along and are very customer-friendly. Indeed, Cátia as well as João always respond very quickly and accurately to every question asked. It feels really trustworthy to have your and your agents’ expertise “on the other side”.

We’re glad we hired Savvycatrealty and we can recommend your company to anyone considering buying property in Portugal. Thanks for being a great representative!


Alison & Brian 

Agent· Graciosa Morgado

My husband and I contacted Savy Cat via email and they responded within 24 hours. We were able to set up a meeting with Ana and Diana very quickly to review the services they provided so we could make an informed decision prior to making a commitment.

We both came away from the meeting feelinggreat about the company and signed up right away. We were introduced to Graciosa, who handles the Lisbon area, reviewed with her all items on our “wish list” and our timeline for relocating from the US, and Graciosa got to work. In what is a VERY competitive Lisbon market Graciosa and Savy Cat were able to sort through all the available properties, choose the ones that would best suit our needs, set up remote viewings, and we were able to sign a lease on a great apartment within about the 3 weeks. We cannot say enough about how helpful Graciosa was in this process, she is very knowledgeable about the real estate market and willing to share that knowledge and her time. We would absolutely recommend Savy Cat and should the need arise, we will use them again in the future!

Blue Smith

Agent · Diana Santos

What made you happiest about working with us?
· I really appreciated and enjoyed working with Diana Santos {my agent}. She was really responsive and patient with me!


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· Rental Service


Did you achieve your Portuguese Dream using our service?
· I am very happy with the apartment my agent at Savvy Cat was able to find for me.


Rate Our Service:
· 5. PURRfect


Would recommend:
·  Yes


Was there anything we could have done differently?
· Not at all!


Marc Desplaines

Agent· Graciosa Morgado

What made you happiest about working with us?

Working with Savvy Cat Realty has been a true pleasure!  Ana and her team are knowledgeable, kind, professional and above all, ethical.  I would never have found my dream home in Seixal without the help and expertise of Graciosa!  She understood my needs and was completely committed to finding the solution that worked best for me, and she did it with kindness, empathy and concern for my well being.  It has been a long time since I have met and worked with such a dedicated team.


Did you achieve your Portuguese Dream using our service?

I did achieve my Portuguese Dream with Savvy Cat Realty at the helm!  You found the perfect place for my retirement where I can enjoy nature and also be just minutes from downtown Lisbon.  I couldn't be happier!

Was there anything we could have done differently?

Everything with Savvy Cat Realty was transparent and easy from start to finish.  Communication was always timely and effective.  I highly recommend working with Savvy Cat if you are looking to relocate to Portugal.  I could never have done it without them!

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