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Moving to another country is hard.
Let us help you find your new home!

We search the whole market for you

We're here to guide you step-by-step

Everything is checked by our lawyers

This pack allows you to work with more than one agent.  Explore, research and property visits in different locations.


Savvy Cat Realty always provides a premium tailored support by locals trained to guide newcomers through navigating and settling in your new country. 

We will advise you where to go, where and what to avoid, how to move around, where to eat and drink out, where to shop according to your needs & tastes. You'll be getting a private guide to the city.

We can not guarantee we will find a rental, but if your budget and requirements are realistic, we always deliver.  


Premium Rental Service Includes : 

  • 2 location advisory calls (45 min.) with matching representatives (can be different areas/agents);

  • 3h of follow-up services with an assigned representative (ex. live research session, accompanying calls)   

  • 4 in-person visits & reports by the agent, if further than 30km from home city, it counts as 2;

  • Up to 24h of research (averages 4h per week);

  • Follow-up contact by WhatsApp or Email;

  • Review and approval of contract by a lawyer and use of our rental template in English and Portuguese; translation of contract services provided, if needed.

  • 4h Post agreement support – assistance with setting up utilities, appliances, issues with the landlord or anything else related to your process that you might need support with

  • Premium Pack has an expiry date of 90 days OR upon reaching the contracted limits;

  • Although we do our best to present you with good options, we can’t give you 100% guarantee that we will find you exactly what  you are looking for, there might need to be some compromise. If the client does not accept any of the options offered, the package does expire once service or time period runs out.


Keep in mind :

  • We will maintain an open line of communication, please make sure you do too, in order to ensure the service can go as smoothly as possible and your expectations are met;
  • Some landlords insist on using their contracts, we review and provide you with feedback + assist you with negotiations, if needed;
  • Respect staff's time off - Admin staff does not work on weekends and Agents only work on weekends upon previous scheduling;
  • Agents will reply within 1 BUSINESS Day and Admin Staff has 3 BUSINESS days to process your order (get initial feedback after receiving rental form);
  • Rentals processes usually take 3 weeks to a month to be complete. Please don't expect to find a rental within the week as it’s not realistic. It may happen, but it's usually the exception not the rule;


Rental Service Process :

  • Clients need to provide the necessary information (will include passport/ID and current living address);
  • Upon purchasing the pack, you will receive a rental form that we request you to fill out and send it to us. It has a few multiple choice questions that will help us determine what is the best location for you and what the requirements are for the rental - Please fill out it realistically and truthfully;
  • We provide feedback within 24h and up to 72h with 3 to 6 available rentals.
  • The PREMIUM pack covers research for up to 90 days from the date of purchase OR providing TEN rentals that fit the budget and requirements OR upon reaching the contracted limits;
  • The rest of the services will follow as you choose which rentals you'd like to verify, and the one you want to secure;


Read Terms and conditions below before purchasing :

Price includes VAT (23%). If you have a company within the EU and would like to use the exemption of VAT through that, let us know by email ( and we'll send you an invoice without VAT. 


This is NOT a Standard real estate mediation service, this is a consultancy and assistance service - we do not directly participate in the contracts or charge commissions.

Anywhere - PREMIUM Rental Pack

1.520,00 €Price
VAT Included
    Rental Market Research 55 hours 
    Location Advisory 3 calls (45. min)
    Advisory Support Calls 4 hours
    Property Visits & Reports 4 property visits
    Travel by Representative 30km
    Post-Contract Support 1 property
    Legal Support 1 contract review
    Service Expiration 90 days

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