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Numerology of Houses - a Holistic Curiosity

INTERPRETATION OF HOUSE NUMBERS : Today we are going to dwell a bit more on the holistic side of real estate - numerology of houses.

Numerology is something that can be considered unscientific bias by many and yet is used as guidance by others. Personally I take it as a curiosity, I don't reject it nor take it as a fact, I like to keep my mind open !

Numerology is the belief in the divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. It is also the study of the numerical value of the letters in words, names, and ideas. Of course it can also e applied to property, more specifically, house numbers.

If you want to know the meaning of your house to know the house number we have to add all the door numbers of our house ex: 4275 (4+2+7+5=18/9) that is, it is a house number 9. You can then see below what is the meaning of that house number, and please do tell us if it matches your reality ;)

House Number 1

The 1 is creativity and independence. Suddenly you can feel more creative, inventive, even with many ideas and desire to act on them. The possibility of feeling more independent is real, which can bring some challenges when it comes to life as a couple. Creativity needs light, if this house doesn't have enough natural light, it would be good to consider a lighter painting, and light that can bring more clarity, especially to the busiest places. Live plants are recommended.

The negativity here could be selfishness, authority and even snobbery. If you live as a couple, it would be good to communicate more and try to bring your energies together in a common direction. If you feel a constant need to prove your point or be right, it's an indication that you're attracting the Ego energy that this house provides. The end result will tell you how positive the energy is or not.

House Number 2

The 2 is the number of couples, relationships, teamwork, peace, harmony and balance. If you have had problems with your relationships in the past, moving to a 2nd house can change that considerably. You suddenly feel more open, receptive and perhaps more loving. Peace and harmony is an energy that you will feel in this house, don't be surprised that your friends and family visit you more often. You will feel much more relaxed and relaxed under this roof.

The negativity here can be the feeling - feeling so 'zen' that procrastination – referring – installs itself in your day-to-day. Make an effort and take care of anything that needs attention. Due to the sensitivity and attachment that exists in this number, diseases such as; viruses, colds, flu and even depression can be part of the negativity of this vibration. Whatever happens, understand well what belongs to you and what you can do. Getting sick in the process doesn't solve anything.

House Number 3

The 3 is the number of happiness and joy. When positive, it attracts friends and family. Flowers, music, colors and being very welcoming is something you can expect from this house. Suddenly occupants can feel much more creative – probably on several levels – from the kitchen to the garden. Parties and gatherings are something to be expected under this energy. Romanticism is very present here.

The downside here could be - too much entertainment which in turn can lead to too much movement. As beautiful things – decoration and beauty – are something very strong under this vibe, special attention to your budget is imperative. Emotion makes itself felt a lot here, both happiness and sadness can manifest disproportionately.

House Number 4

4 is a very mysterious number when it comes to houses. It must promote order and cleanliness, as well as structure and discipline. Work, support and desire are something tenants can feel when under such energy. Bills are paid on time and everything is fine.

The downside here can be very hard to live with. For a start, Chinese people generally stay away from a 4th house, 4 in Chinese means death. I have also found that people who live under this energy experience stagnation, financial difficulties and problems of various kinds. This house is also prone to structural and water problems. If this is the case for you, be aware that there are ways, tools and professionals that can help you bring energy balance into your home. Example, feng-shui.

House Number 5

The 5 is the number of changes. If in the past you have felt fear or lack of courage to do this or that, this energy will likely help you to be much more adventurous and spontaneous. Under this vibration two things can happen; people come and go, never stay long, or; if they do, constant changes, both inside and out, are something to be expected. The desire for adventure and travel is a huge probability.

The downside here would be frivolous and/or extravagant behavior that could have a negative impact on the budget. The desire for change can also lead to divorce or separation. The impulsiveness present in this vibration can cause conflicts and misunderstandings among the people who live here.

House Number 6

The 6 is the Home number; family, love, peace and tranquility are the characteristics that govern this house. Finding a 6th house can be difficult due to the fact that people find it difficult to leave. Also, the soul of the house seems to cling to people. Couples tend to experience a more romantic and loving relationship under this energy, even if there are disagreements or misunderstandings, this energy seems to be able to keep them together.

The downside here could be, too laid-back to the point of procrastinating – referring to later – and neglecting. Another characteristic I have observed is that this house needs love and harmony, flowers and plants, as well as fresh paint in bright colors. When none of this is present, I would say the house turns against the person, causing loss, depression, etc. .

House Number 7

The 7 is the number of the mystic and the quest for knowledge. This house offers the occupant/s the opportunity to achieve a certain form of illumination. Introspection is part of this vibration, which will lead its occupants to the experience of 'being'. Researchers, thinkers, writers and psychologists can feel right at home here. We also meet people who are very spiritual or in a way connected to spirituality. 7 is the number of solitude, this house can attract solitary and silence.

The downside – if we can call it negative – is that 7 is the truth number, it's very difficult to hide something under this frequency, probably the reason why the couple have difficulties inside this house. The truths always come out. When I speak of enlightenment, it can come through well, but it can also come through difficult experiences.

House Number 8

The 8 is the number of material prosperity and abundance, but this does not mean that joy and happiness are easily found in this house, however, the realization of projects as well as financial benefits can be much easier under this vibration. Usually the house itself demonstrates all these characteristics and energy in its own personality. Entrepreneurs, business people or people with prestigious positions are attracted to houses 8. If you are an ambitious person, determined worker or someone with goals, you are likely to find your home in this house.

The downside would be the obsession and blindness of material success. The old saying; ‘the more you have, the more you want! ‘ Eventually to a shallow life. It goes without saying that once in this state of being, challenges including health and relationship issues are a possibility. Pay particular attention to work/profession, this energy tends to attract too much.

House Number 9

The 9 is the number of ends and closures. It can be the end of a relationship, an era or a job. There are sad and/or tragic endings, but it can also indicate endings that need to happen and in the process, bring us happiness. It can be the end of a love relationship, but it can also indicate the end of a single life. In any case, I personally see this as enlightenment and growth, but it is very advisable to move house once all understanding is done. These houses attract healers and philanthropists.

The downside – if you find yourself living in this energy, I advise you to meditate, analyze and contemplate what is going on in your life, especially from the day you entered it. What do you want to finish? Is there a particular area in your life that needs attention? Where do you stand in terms of evolution and spiritual awakening?... These are crucial questions under this energy. It's a fact, this house can shake our being. Try to understand the message the universe is sending you and then make the necessary changes. However, be aware that there are ways, tools and professionals that can help you bring energy balance to your home. Example; feng-shui.

This information was taken from the book "A bíblia dos números" by António L. Santos.

If you found this interesting you will be happy to hear that we have our own holistic practitioner in the team, Iryna, that provides support to our more spiritual clients. All our clients can get a consultation with her, it doesn't matter if you believe in spirituality, who knows you may find some unexpected guidance.

I used to be a big skeptic, but found keeping an open mind for things we do not understand doesn't make them true or false, sometimes people's reality are just different, and it can be strangely soothing even if you keep a skeptic mind, as long as everyone involved is ethical and respectful :)



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