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Our Mission & Vision

To make the real estate market
in Portugal work more fairly!


What is Our Mission and Vision?

The Portuguese Real Estate market is a mess. There is barely any exclusivity, constant conflicts of interests, lack of training of agents, unethical behaviors, among other things.

01. Our Mission

So, I created a business model, not just about buying real estate but more targeted on finding the right location and the right property for each client, while making sure they aren't over paying. About helping with the culture shocks, and supporting the relocation so foreign citizens can truly enjoy moving here.
I designed it to benefit everyone involved, focused on service and not on profit.  I believe profit comes when clients are happy, and everyone is doing their part, and so far, that is exactly what is happening.

02. Our Vision

I hope to, with time and effort, help change the market for the better, and contribute for service focused businesses to thrive, opposed to profit focused businesses. 
Now I have a Team of Savvy Portuguese locals to back me up on this dream and we aim to improve and grow as a business and as people in every step of our journey! 

03. Our Values

  • Finding your next home or investment is a very personal process, so we go over your lifestyle, needs, must-haves dos and don'ts in order to pair you with the perfect location & home. 

  • ​All services are tailored to each client. Our agents care about knowing each of our clients so they can get them exactly what they need

  • Relocation & Real Estate Services. Our team will get you all the support you need - from visas, choosing a city, a neighborhood, helping you make a good real estate investment & getting you settled. 

  • ​We understand your concerns, and give you advice and support to make this big change as easy as possible

  • Our priority is always getting the best possible deal for our client
    Foreigners and expats are often taken advantage of, due to not knowing how the Portuguese market works. Savvy Cat wants to go against that - we have no background agenda, no portfolio to sell, no pressure to push higher prices to get higher commissions.

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What our customers can expect
We stretch our tails where others can't reach!

Savvy Cat is more than just a Real Estate Agency, We have everything you need to start your Portuguese relocation Journey with the right paw.

Find the most complete service in the market with us


Because of our unique position in the marketplace we are pioneers in the Relocation Services and provide you the full package that others lack.

  • Advice & Consulting : 
    from Market tendencies, Investment and return, Contract & documentation reviews,
    Taxes and costs, Portugal Locations, Neighborhoods
    and areas, Renovations or Construction, Public services and so much more;


  •  Portugal Regional Tour : experience life in the location you are interested in with real time Savvy feedback and guidance; 

  • Real Estate Market Research : property research and visits plus advisory on the buying or rental process (contracts, deeds & reserves).

Specialized on EXPATS and tailored for buyers


Finding your next home or investment is so personal so we go over lifestyle, needs, must-haves dos and don'ts in order to pair you with the perfect market opportunity.

  • Our Savvy Team hires local, because inhabitants know best about the places they live in;

  • Savvy Cat paws are connected all over Portugal. With us you are not restricted to a city or region;

  • We work arms in arms with our legal team to be constantly updated in all legal matters;

  • We know many things will be different when you are moving to a completely different country, so we help manage our clients culture-clashes.

We've got your back!


Foreigners and expats are often taken advantage of due to not knowing how the portuguese market works. Savvy Cat wants to go against that so we have no background agenda, no portfolio to sell, no pressure to push higher prices to get more commission

  • We are not afraid to spill the catnip and explain every pros and cons of your choices economically, culturally and practically;

  • Communications and Transparency with our clients and collaborators is our motto;

  • Custom | Authentic | Thorough; 

  • Last but not least, all our services options have
    Fixed Costs.

04.  Our Promise, is to help you achieve
... your plans of moving to Portugal!

We are with all our clients at every stage, from advice, planning, research, communication, everything you may need to smooth out your relocation to Portugal.