Resident Tours

Get to know your favorite cities in Portugal, from a local perspective and meet other explorers like you!


Our Tour Services

One of the things our clients often mention is their desire to know more than just the tourist side of things.

 Truly understand life in Portugal

Resident Perspective Tours, Not touristic tours !

Here is what we mean when we say resident perspective :

Show people where locals eat, where to shop, how to move around, cultural activities, real life costs and how much locals usually spend, what are the normal prices of rent, developing neighborhoods , what neighborhoods are not recommendable, the pros and cons of locations, etc.


​Savvy Cat policy is honesty, showing and saying things as they are, not as they would “sound / look good”. 


​One of the things we are proud of at Savvy Cat Realty is to give access to hidden and forgotten locations. We want to show all of our beautiful country. Fight inflation in popular tourist destinations and show off amazing locations/neighborhoods/hidden gems that are often off the radar.