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We are firm believers in collaboration, and love to work with other service-oriented agencies – we are a buyer’s agency, we don’t do listings, as such we are very happy to collaborate with listing agencies. We do not work with commissions, but we do ask the agencies to share so our clients don’t over pay, however we will only ask for our fixed share. When our share is more than 50% of the commission it’s our client’s responsibility to pay the remaining, so we never get more than 50%, and often will ask for less!

All our clients sign an exclusivity agreement with us and we have no problems if they choose to make visitations unaccompanied, however moving forward we always do a verification of the properties, with an engineer or architect, to make sure the quality is as expected, and we do not proceed without that, in case of new construction we will ask for the construction technical file and have an engineer look at it.

We work with 99% foreign investors, many residential but a fair amount of real estate investors, we are happy to take a look at listings and see if we have any clients for them, they can be sent to Keep in mind our goal is always the best interest of our clients and part of our job is to do an evaluation of ROI and overall return potential before presenting it to our clients, we warn them if it is a bad deal.

Private Sellers

Are you looking to sell your property? We do not work with sellers however we keep an internal database of owners and properties for sale, you can send the details of your property (such as pictures, price, energy certificate, matriz and preferential contact) to and we will add it to our database, if it matches any of our clients interest we will contact you. We do not publicly advertise your property. We do not charge the owner anything if one of our clients buys the property. We do recommend the owner/seller get a lawyer to overview the sale and make sure there is no conflict of interests, but we take care of everything for the sale with our own lawyer.

Architects/Engineers/Interior Designers/Constructors/Moving Companies

Part of our services to help our clients find good professionals to work on their properties, we are always happy to increase our database of referrals. We will verify your work, we always aim to maintain a high service quality and expect our referrals to correspond to it.

Send us your portfolio to , company information along with geographical area and preferential contact and someone on our team will schedule a meeting to see if you are a good candidate for referrals. We only add you to the official list after in person verification or client referrals are made.

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