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About us

Savvy Cat Realty started
with one person and one mission:

To offer Fair & Trustworthy Buyer Centric Real Estate Services in Portugal


The story of Savvy Cat Realty
Follow our savvy paws journey


It all started because I, Ana Caramujo, had a need, a goal and the desire to bring renovation to the Portuguese Real Estate Market:

Family Background

My family is tightly connected to real estate investments, going back to my great grandfather and my great uncle, which means I have been unconsciously involved in this trade as far as I can remember. I also was blessed with a father that always tried to include me in the family business and decisions, long before I even appreciated it. At 14 I was already helping choose materials and designs for renovations, even participating in meetings with engineers and architects.

Most of our family properties are old, rented, and under-managed, my father was aware of this but did not believe he had the profile to deal with them, but he believed I did. Right after university he started asking me to develop projects and find solutions for family properties, and so, I did. We worked together to develop a project for a Rural Charm Hotel, and I started to be more involved in the rental properties management (renovations, contracts, terminations, etc).

Past  market  experience

My next step was to move to the Algarve and work in tourism, decided to do some property investment and was shocked with the real estate service I received. This made me realize that in the end, I could make a better deal if I took matters in my own hands, since I had more knowledge about the procedures of many of the agents I contacted. To be honest I was not looking to dwell into real estate services, but something changed – my father passed. I was going to have to deal with a lot of real estate, plus we didn't conclude the project for his family home that we had been working on together. Suddenly I had a sense of urgency – time runs out.


I decided I wanted to find a way to fund this project myself. At the same time, I was contacted by a lovely British Lady who was talking about her experience with buying property in Portugal, and how it was not about specific locations, and that made things harder for her. Suddenly a light bulb switched on – I can work with this kind of person. I could make a better! - realizing there is a need for it, and my skills and knowledge fulfill it.

Savvy Cat is born

So, I created a business model, not just about buying real estate but more targeted on finding the right location and the right property for each client, while making sure they aren't over paying. With the goal of truly caring for each sutomer, helping with the culture shocks, and supporting the relocation so foreign citizens can truly enjoy moving here. I designed it to benefit everyone involved, focused on service and not on profit.  I believe profit comes when clients are happy, and everyone is doing their part, and so far, that is exactly what is happening.

Things grew so quickly that now I have a Savvy Team of locals to back me up and we aim to improve and grow as a business and as people in every step of our journey! I hope to, with time and effort, help change the market for the better, and contribute for service focused businesses to thrive, opposed to profit focused businesses. 

Image by Liam McKay

Our Growing Savvy Team
Full Hearts, Integrity and Knowledge  

Service-oriented staff that enjoys learning and growing, as that is our stand in business and in life! And of course, know the area they are responsible for like the back of their hands.

This is one of the differences of Savvy Cat Realty – collaboration not competition, we work as a team to provide the best service we can.



 Algarve Region Representative

Born in Lisbon but has been living in Algarve for 5 years. João defines Algarve as a peaceful and stress-free location with the perks of nice weather all year long.

With a professional background in Tourism, he has joined Savvy Cat with the ambition to help people find what he came looking for in Algarve and hopefully make it a place to call home.

Nuno Santos.jpg


North Region Representative

Nuno was born in Porto and raised between Porto and Vila Real and has explored a bit all through the country’s North.  

His mission within Savvy Cat starts with his determination in letting people know that the North of Portugal has so much to offer and helping people find their next home in it.



Leiria Region Representative

Diana was born and raised in Alcobaça and spent a lot of her early years exploring the Silver Coast in vacations. She lived in Australia for some years and came back to Portugal to work in a surf school for 6 years.

Currently, she lives in Caldas da Rainha and as part of the Savvy Team, her goal is to help clients find what she also came looking for in the Leiria district : a good quality of life and the perfect spot between mountains and the sea.


Graciosa Morgado

 Lisbon Region Representative

Our french market specialist, more information coming soon.



Savvy Administrative

Cátia has been splitting her time between Alcobaça and Coimbra for years, for work and studies.


With a bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages at the University of Coimbra and a postgraduate degree in Communication Studies and having worked in client service and administrative duties, Cátia found in Savvy Cat an opportunity to mix her area of studies and professional experience all in one.



Content Manager

Born in Venezuela, Érica and her family moved back to Portugal when she was quite young. From the beginning she had a tendency for Communication and Arts, which later translated into a major in Graphic Design.


Her background in Marketing and Communication, plus her personal values is what makes her a strong ally to our Savvy goal and cause to make a difference in the Portuguese Market.

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