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Helping Savvy Expats Relocate
to Portugal & Make Smart
Property Purchases


Don't Compromise!

We've got you covered!

Get the view, the dimensions, and the commodities at the best possible price.
That is what we are all about. 

The popular tourist locations have deceiving prices that often do not correspond to the reality of the rest of the country, they are often just buzz locations that did good marketing.

If you are looking for an ideal but not really set on a location, we can save you a lot of money! 

Non- Commission

Savvy Cat Realty is not tied to any agency or has a private listing. We work on preset rates and with buyers only. This means the service price will not be altered by property value (it's tabulated).

Transparent  Pricing

Always with your personal requests in mind, our goal is to save you as much money and time as we can by using our knowledge of the internal market while defending your interests.


Savvy Clients

Which one are you?

The Investors

  • Want to move to Portugal but also to invest here;

  • Looking to purchase multiple properties, renovate, rent, run businesses, and get a return;

  • Are savvy and want to make good deals, often quite wealthy but fair and reasonable;

  • Want a personalized service with attention to detail and above all inside perspective on the markets; 

  • Hate scams and money grabbers.

  • Often Golden Visa Investors;

  • Cash buyers;

The Decided

  • Want to move and live in Portugal;

  • Have a specific location in mind;

  • Need support to make a successful move and choose a good property, return on investment;

  • Did tons of research beforehand;

The Wanderers

  • Want to move and live in Portugal;

  • Are considering several locations;

  • Don’t know the country well and most likely need help adjusting;

  • Often Retired, or just people that enjoy travel and change;

  • Adaptive to an extent;

  • Want to be in contact with locals;

  • Prefer less touristy destinations;

  • Interested in return and re-sale as moving elsewhere is always a possibility;

Advisory Call

Let us help you! Book a

Want to find out if we are a match? Still have some questions? Currently Discovery Calls go through a screening process and are very limited, you can send an email to apply. However I offer advisory calls at the standard rate as it is discounted in case of purchase.


A complete service from whiskers to tail

What makes us different

Our Service is two in one : consulting + real estate. This means we advise on all kinds of things related to moving and buying in a different country and combine this consultancy service with the real estate purchase service. This is our model, and how we love to work, we do not provide these services separately.

Advisory & Assistance Service

Service Packages  (step 1 /2)


Pack 1  

€ 3 900



Pack 2  

€ 6 615



Pack 3  

€ 14 480

55 %

Each client chooses what level of service better suits them, payment is made in 2 parts, 20% upon verbal agreement, and the remaining 80% up to 1 month after the contract is signed (contract is usually sent within 2 weeks). Each package has a different duration/expiry.


All information detailing what each pack includes and service terms and conditions is sent in writing prior to sign up, you can download a detailed service brochure below.

Step one

It's packages are designed to help our clients relocate to Portugal, find the location match for them, and make a good investment here – it’s not just about the real estate, it is about making a good choice and easing our client’s moving process. This is a very personal and unique journey to each client, and we always adapt to their needs and requirements as our goal is for them to enjoy their life here from day one.

As such we try to ease the cultural clash and provide information on how things operate and what to expect - such as how the market works, how to negotiate, taxes, public services, cities, towns and neighborhoods, investment and return, investment models, banks, loans, etc. It is important that our clients know what the reality is, and not just the “tourist perspective”. We offer full transparency - show things as they are even when they are not pretty. We want our clients to make good deals, and we will warn them if we think they are not, but in the end, it is their call.


We created 3 packages according to the needs of the 3 client profiles we found as we did business. Pack 1 is the basic minimum service designed for residential purposes and focused in one city while pack 3 is a complete package designed to help purchase multiple properties and turn them into revenue. Pack two is somewhere in the middle allowing you to explore multiple cities.

Step two

Real Estate Purchase Support Service

Is all about the property, but we only provide this service together with the consultancy and assistance service, as we like to support more than just property, and also help with what comes after the purchase!

Our service is designed so the total cost (advisory & assistance + real estate) is 5% or less of the property value, and will in the worst case scenario cost you about the same as regular mediation service (standard prices is 5% commission), and in most cases cost you less while bringing significant savings.


Costs are capped, we never charge more than this, we want to avoid the tendency of pushing higher prices to get higher commission payout.

However in cases of purchase of property from real estate agencies we will divide commission as it is the market standard and we have a licence. We are always willing to sacrifice said commission if it benefits the client, however if we do so the client has to pay separately (these fixed amounts), otherwise we don't charge anything else for the property purchase (we just take the partial commission from the seller).

Fixed costs on real estate  (step 2/2)



€ 0-110k

€ 3 000


€ 5 500

€ 251k-450k

€ 9 000

over € 451k

€ 15 000

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