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The Balanced!

You’re a naturally curious person with a thirst for knowledge and it’s important for you to be somewhere you can nurture that curious mind. You’re very practical and like to plan ahead but at the same time you enjoy a bit of spontaneity every now and then.

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Why is the name balanced, you ask? There is a Portuguese saying “No meio é que está a virtude" which means "The virtue is in The middle". That is perfect for you in every sense!
That’s why the Center of Portugal would be such a great fit for you! There you can find the perfect balance between city life and the calmness of Nature. Great universities and schools as well as amazing cultural events happening all year round. Some cities that could fit your personality are: 

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Known for its Art Nouveau buildings and for Moliceiro boats, Aveiro also has a thriving student population from one of the most prestigious universities in the country, which fundamentally attracts new businesses looking for young new talent!  If you’re not too keen on public transport, worry not because you can literally walk or bike  anywhere in the city.


Coimbra is mostly known for its University (one of the oldest universities in Europe!) and the rich and traditional student life. But what really catches everyone’s eye it’s the historic significance and romantic beauty the city emanates. It’s the perfect city for those who love to be part of a buzzing cultural scene, while enjoying the perks of a tranquil city (compared to Porto or Lisbon, for example). If the city center is just your cup of tea, be prepared to have to use public transportation (or have a car), unless you are a fan of “climbing” the streets.

Image by Migsar Navarro

Leiria & Caldas da Rainha - No, they’re not the same, but do have a lot in common. 

Both are perfect for those looking for a mid-sized city that is as calm as it is dynamic. Walking around in these cities is definitely not a problem. Situated along the Silver Coast, both benefit from the quick access to wonderful beaches (ideal for sea sport fans).

Image by Diogo Palhais


Leiria may not be that famous, but the central region was considered the third best city in Portugal to live in, offering its residents an excellent quality of life. The city has been drastically improving over the years and it’s quickly becoming one of the best places to live. Leiria also has a spectacular Polytechnic University, one of the best in the country.

Also, one of the perks of living in Leiria is how it is situated right in between Porto and Lisbon (around 1h40 away from both).


Caldas da Rainha has a traditional city center with cobbled lanes, a vibrant fruit and vegetable market, and a bustling shopping area. The city is also a UNESCO Creative City, for being home to many cultural institutions! It even has a School of Arts and Design, one of the best in the country! Caldas is located one hour north of Lisbon, Portugal’s capital.

Other cities to consider include: Santarém, Óbidos, Torres Vedras, Pombal

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Hello there! I'm Ana Caramujo

Catch you're Portuguese Dream with us

​Savvy Cat came to be because I found the way the Portuguese Real Estate market operates extremely dysfunctional and figured I could do things in a way I think is fair and allows for a high standard of service quality for buyers.

OUR BUSINESS MODEL was designed to provide the best possible service to the buyer, and make sure our clients know exactly what they are getting into prior to purchase. 

We have exclusivity with all our clients and will show our them everything, including off market deals we come across, with full transparency.


WHAT WE STAND FOR! Savvy Cat Realty values ethics and as a business we are very concerned with cultural and economic sustainability, our goal is to slow down gentrification by making sure foreign buyers make informed purchases that are not overpriced. We believe this helps both the new expats as they likely spend less plus have a much smoother relocation process with support from local business and the local community as it boosts the economy by bringing cash flow in a sustainable way.


Our Promise, is to help you achieve
... your plans of moving to Portugal!

We are with all our clients at every stage, from advice, planning, research, communication, everything you may need to smooth out your relocation to Portugal.


Another thing that makes us stand out is that we work countrywide, allowing our clients to explore different locations without having to contact different agencies. If you have an ideal and not a location when it comes to property, we will likely be a great fit for your needs, as a big part of our service is to help our client find the best location for them (taking in consideration factors from lifestyle to budget and requirements). This works smoothly because Savvy Cat’s agents are not competing against each other, they are collaborating as a team in order to help our clients to the best of our ability.












We provide a lot more service than typical real estate agencies: we support with the visas, renovations, licenses, construction, documentation, opening bank accounts, networking for professionals, we do tours, we do verifications, we work with off market properties, we do reports and much more. Of course in order to be committed to do all this my staff needs to be paid, independently of sale. The system we found for this to work is to have service packages that need to be purchased prior to the property transaction, as a big part of the service will be provided prior to purchase.

Savvy Cat Realty also has Lawyers on payroll and includes legal verification of real estate transactions and documentation as well as visa documentation and process (consultation time is limited by package, Golden Visa applications are not covered – but we do offer discounted rates with some lawyer partners).

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