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Rent in the Center

Not sure what neighbourhood is right for you? Unsure if the pricing is right? Don't have time to chase the fast paced rental market? Not in the country for visitations? Don't understand Portuguese law to know you have a fair contract?

Savvy Cat Rental Packages are the solution for you! We provide support to tennants by actually being on their side! We search the whole market, including off market contacts, tell you what the bad and good neighbourhoods are and explain what it is like to live there (transports, amenities, etc).
Our service also includes negotiation and contract revisions by lawyers to ensure you are safe!

We always deliver if the clients requirements and expectations are realistic, if they are not we will come right out and say it.

Our rental packs for the Center of Portugal


The BASIC Rental Service is ideal for those who want to be more “hands-on” and visit the properties themselves. We support with research and network, contracts, negotiations, and legal advisory.

We always provide advice on areas considering your requirements and lifestyle and always give you an inside perspective of neighborhoods. This pack does not include visitations to properties by our agents.


The PREMIUM Service includes everything the BASIC does, plus:

  • Visits & video tours/reports;

  • More advisory time;

  • Post-agreement support;

  • Longer service period (90 days);

If you want our local agent visit properties & get everything set up for you to move in right away, the PREMIUM Rental Pack is the best option for you!


You should opt for the PLATINUM Service if you want someone on your side throughout the whole process:


Visa, bank accounts, NIF, Social Security, utilities, and local guidance to settling you in.


This pack is the most complete of our rental services, similar to our Buyer Services, so if you are looking to buy after renting, check out our buying services!

Not the right time yet, but still looking to move to Portugal?
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The local expert who will help you move to the Center

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Junior Relocation Advisor
Aveiro/Coimbra Regions

How it works



After purchasing the pack of your choosing, you will receive a form that needs to be filled and sent back to us with your personal preferences and requirements. This is necessary step for us to provide you a better service!



A Savvy Representative will be assigned to you and contact you with feedback on your requirements, budget and location. They will also send some listing options within 3 business days after receiving the form.



Visitations can be made by you, by the agent or both (number of visits will depend on the pack chosen). Agents will always be honest and transparent with their feedback, and advise on details like living practicality, location & physical state of the property.



We intermediate with the landlord/agency to sign a contract that protects you both. All contracts are reviewed by a lawyer.



if you need help with setting up utilities, appliances, issues with the landlord or anything else related to your rental that you might need support with – we are here for you!
(Service not included in the Basic packs)

What our clients say about us


I highly recommend working with Savvy Cat if you are looking to relocate to Portugal. I could have never have done it without them!

Marc Desplaines


We truly don't know what we'd do without them and will be forever grateful to this team!

Julie and Brian


Not only were they able to help us buy our dream vacation property in a short period of time, they helped make the transition and legal processes easier as a foreigner in Portugal. Great service, quick turnaround and turnkey packages. Highly recommended.


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